Planning Your Backups

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So how does this all work? The Planning…

Let me start with a couple of assumptions.

  1. You are connecting to the Internet through some sort of “always on” connection  (ie not dial up)
  2. You use a router to connect your computers to the Internet
  3. You are using any version of Windows, XP or newer. The software I’m recommending is only built for Windows based computers… I have not done the research to find equivalent software for Mac or Linux. Reader suggestions would be appreciated!

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Let’s Get Started

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series A Home Data Backup Solution
What’s In Your House?

Accidental file deletion, or failure of a hard drive can be easily protected against by making a local backup of all your information. “Local” for the purposes of this post means that the backup copy is located in the same physical premises as the master copy, probably your home or small business, and on your local / home network. I’m considering the requirement for this to be a separate physical device, be it an external hard drive or ideally on another computer.

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