Mileage and Cost Calculator

Use this calculator to quickly see your mileage and cost per KM.

The suggested method to calculate mileage is to reset the trip odometor at each fill, then fill to the first or a consistent second “click” of the gas pump at the next fill. Record the distance driven and the amount of fuel used for that tank, and you will get an accurate calculation.

Enter Distance Travelled KM: Miles:
Amount of Fuel Used Litres: US Gallons:

Imp Gallons:

Enter Total Cost to Fill Tank Total Cost: Octane:
Metric Imperial


Litres per 100 kilometers  
Kilometers per litre  
Miles per gallon
(Imperial Gallons – 4.546L / Gal)
Miles per gallon
(US Gallons – 3.785L / Gal)
Cost Per KM: $
Cost Per Mile: $
Cost Per 100 KM: $
Cost Per 100 Miles: $
Cost Per KM: $
Cost Per Miles: $

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