New Build Series: Plan Some More

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Adjustments To Your Subdivision Home

This is a bit of a shopping list of random smaller stuff that is worth considering for your build. There’s no real order here, just a big list of things that might save you headaches, or money, later.

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New Home Build: Upgrades

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Be Picky About Your Upgrades

Our philosophy on upgrades was to add the things that are nearly impossible to change later on. Builder upgrades tend to be a lot more expensive than paying contractors after the fact, so wise choices at this stage could easily save you tens of thousands of dollars.

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New Home Build: Live In Your Plan

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Live In Your Floor Plan . . .

We followed some advice given to us by a realtor friend. Post up the couple of floor plans you’re considering where you live now, and at the end of every day, discuss how you would have lived in the new house. Do it for two weeks. Try to imagine the day you just lived in different weather, times of year, perhaps with a larger family. If you do this for two weeks you will likely eliminate a number of floor plans you thought were quite good. Plus you will likely end up making some changes to the winning plan to better fit your lifestyle.

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Location, Location, Location

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Location, Location, Location!

That’s a cliche. But it’s so true. Picking a location is not just about what town or what street, it’s also about what side of the street, how close to the corner, and a whole lot of other little details that make a big difference to your quality of life.

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Low Voltage Wiring

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This is yet another part of the Notes For A New Home Build series. This article will cover low voltage wiring in new construction homes and give you many things to think about as you plan your dream build.

You can future proof your home during the build by adding all sorts of wire to the house. Even if you don’t install all the devices right away, you can still run the wire and create a number of projects for the future. The idea is to prepare your new home for complete and comprehensive internet, TV, phone, alarm, and home automation.

You can apply many of the concepts to retrofit an existing home, but you’ll have to figure out running the wires on your own.

This article will deal specifically with Internet (ethernet), TV (RG6 coaxial cable), and phone. A future article will cover alarms and home automation.
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New Home Build: Introduction

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Building? Read This.

In this series, the New Home Build Series, I will dive deeply into all the things you at least need to think about when building a new home, or even buying a resale home. This is a long read. I hope you take away some good ideas.

We’ve been through one new build home, and several previous moves into older homes. Overall it was a good experience and we are very pleased with our new home. I had the luxury to go to the build every day and managed to catch a few things Continue reading “New Home Build: Introduction”