A Comprehensive Home Backup Solution: Intro

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We live in a digital world. Gone are the days of taking rolls of film to the photo store to get developed then storing them in photo album binders stashed away on some obscure basement shelf. We are taking many more photos than we used to, mostly because we now always have a camera with us, and because it’s really, really easy.

But then we leave them on our phones, on our digital cameras, on our computers. We are playing roulette with them, hoping that hard drives won’t fail and phones won’t get lost or dropped in the swimming pool.

In addition to these precious memories, mostĀ of our important documents are on the computer. Or at least easy to access copies are on the computer.

I used to worry about losing everything, but not anymore.

What is the point of this series?

I am paranoid. I don’t want anyone else to experience massive data loss when I can help to avoid it.

In 2001 when I was working on my advanced degree I had a hard drive failure and lost a tremendous amount of work three days before a major project was due. Worse, I lost the work given to me by my group members. Since that day I have been on a constant search for great ways to back up my work and my growing collection of digital media.

Now that I have my own family, the digital photos of my kids and wife and all those special precious moments, are one of the most important things I have. I couldn’t stand to lose them.

I have done a pretty good job of finding an inexpensive and effective solution to backing up and I want to share it with everyone who will listen.

This is a big topic, and this is a long post. Please settle in…

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